About Us

Conservation Guardians is an association based out of the Principality of Monaco. Our mission is to Protect and conserve Wildlife and bring support to the communities.

To accomplish these tasks we are proud to have associated ourselves with The International Anti-Poaching Foundation and Men of the Trees.

IAPF: Founded by Damien Mander who has for the last two years been forming rangers and placing them in parks thru out Zimbabwe and South Africa from his camp near Victoria Falls Zimbabwe. This is pro bono, the mission is to protect all wildlife and conserve the parks. There is  0% poaching in his parks.

Men of the Trees SA: Founded by Jason Hartman, Works in the villages that surround the here said parks and provides them with means to feed themselves and provide themselves with an income. The importance of providing the surrounding communities with education, employment and opportunities to become self sustainable is essential for the protection of the parks.

Sunset at Chizarira National Park - Zimbabwe

Sunset at Chizarira National Park - Zimbabwe

Chizarira National Park as far as the eye can see…

Both of these associations have years of experience and have proven themselves time and time again. Conservation Guardians has been formed to help in any way we possibly can thru funding, marketing, merchandising, media, events, the list keeps getting longer happily.

The new mission is Chizarira Park in Zimbabwe. This used to be where the largest population of black rhinos lived, needless to say that they have been extinct in the area since the 90s. The IAPF will resurrect this park by training rangers, clearing snares, fencing sensitive areas, providing new technologies and equipment, restoring fire breakers, again…long list! During this time Men of the Trees will be working with the communities teaching them different techniques for getting a higher success rate in crop growth according to their climate and soil conditions. They will be installing bee hive fencing where permitted to deter elephants and provide honey which will be another form of income. Finally they will be installing sanitary units through out, which requires no water and is 100% environmentally friendly and hygienic.

Chizarira School abandoned for 20 years

Chizarira School abandoned for 20 years

The project also demands the reopening of their school which will mean that the children can be reunited with their families, this has become priority for this project, we want this done as soon as possible.

All of these elements together will give us an environment where wildlife and communities can work and live in harmony. Tourism will return to the area, providing further employment and a park that is considered “the stepping stone from where God will return to earth”, will thrive once again.

We are a new association that needs support, so keep posted with our missions and events. Take part by posting, liking, donating, volunteering, this list is endless as well.

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